Bibi-Bo Bolshoi

In 1982 the Bibi-bo ballerina doll makes her appearance.  It was one of the first dolls made by El Greco and it was made in 3 colour variations, pink, baby blue and white.

I had the white one if I remember correctly but  I must have lost it or gave it away.  However I was extremely lucky in 2012 and I found the pink variation in a garbage can (it  must have been in storage for 20 years and someone decided to throw it away).  I felt so moved that I did not mind to dive in the garbage in order to save these clothes and have them in my collection.  

After a good wash and a very careful stitching, you can see the results in my pics.  The tutu is a repro made by me, reproducted in every detail as the original.

On your left you can see the original catalogue Bibi-bo ballerina picture.  This set was called : Bolshoi.

Please note the lovely details of the bodice and tights lace. It is so fragile and fine!  The shoes are from a Pedigree Sindy  (Thank you Sindy!) and as you can see in the catalogue pic are exactly the same!

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