The Wonderfull World Of Sindy Hachette Magazine

The company "Hachette Partworks" launched on 10th January 2007 a new Sindy collectors' magazine called "The Wonderfull World Of Sindy". This magazine was planned to run for 60 issues and each one would come with a reproduction of a vintage Sindy doll wearing a copy of an original vintage outfit.

The magazine has only lauched as a trial in a few selected test areas in England : Milton Keynes and Northampton. This caused much frustration to Sindy collectors everywhere else who could not get the magazine. Unfortunately the company proved to have very poor customer relations. Many collectors called the company's subscription line to subscribe to the magazine and 'Hachette Partworks' took their details and even, in some cases, their money, sent out letters promising them that their magazines would be arriving in the post, but to on avail.

Then they said that they have been overwhelmed by the response to the magazine and had run out of stock. They promised however to all subscribers that more magazines and dolls were being produced and that everyone who has subscribed would get their magazines.

Finally, only four issues were produced, ten pages each. Hachette Partworks still publish lots of titles of magazines covering a diverse range of subjects for men, women and children.

See the four issues and pics of the repro dolls below :

Issue 1 Repro of 1974 Sunsuit Sindy

Issue 2 Repro of 1977 Royal Occasion Sindy

Issue 3 Repro of 1978 Nurse Sindy

Issue 4 Repro of 1968 Fashion Girl Sindy

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Sindy Range Of Clothing

I try to be as accurate as I can to the original Pedigree Sindy catalogues.
Ref. Numbers are included.

1975 Outfits

1978 Outfits

1987 Outfits



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