Suky by Lesney

In the mid-1940's, two men who had been school friends, Leslie Smith and Rodney Smith (they had no relation), were reunited during the Second World War serving together in the Royal Navy. After the War they decided to start a toy making company combining their names ("Les" from Leslie and "ney" from Rodney) and the Lesney Products Corporation was founded. The Lesney Products Corporation has had a long history of toy making, and not just with dolls and was awarded for the first time in 1966 with the Queen’s Award for Industry.
Until the 1970's, Lesney Products mainly manufactured toy cars and trucks under the Matchbox name, as well as toy guns and other "boy toys". In 1974 Lesney bought out Vogue Dolls, and the Glitter Girls went into production, as well as the "Miss Matchbox" series.

Around 1975, Matchbox made "Suky" dolls which have heads that are very similar to Miss Matchbox heads and enjoyed much improved articulation. Also, the Suky line featured rather tame, if not dated, action themes.

All Lesney dolls are marked "Lesney 1973" on the backs of their heads, regardless the year they were made. The Matchbox Suky and Susy dolls are marked "(c) Lesney 1974 Hong Kong" on their backs, just above the waistline. The later Glitter Girls are simply marked "Hong Kong" at the waist. The Glitter Girls have underwear painted on. Only the Suky/Susy Ballerina has tights painted all down her legs.
Through the 1980's, unfortunately, Lesney was under increasing financial stress, as other toymakers produced more desirable toys in the market. After almost fifty years in the business, in the early 1990's, Lesney Products was gone.

See the lovely Suky Dolls :
Suky Shopper

Suky Horse Rider

Suky in Swimsuit

Suky Tennis Player
Suky Nurse

Suky in Nightdress 

1976 Suky magazine advertisement in Holland

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