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Tammy was a popular doll during the years 1962-1966 and still is for vintage doll collectors. She was competition for Barbie but she has a more "wholesome" appeal. She also had an extensive wardrobe, family members with their own wardrobes, friends of the family dolls, furniture, cars, vinyl cases, homes and accessories and much more.

Her slogan was The Girl You Love To Dress and it was written on the box cover in which she was sold. Tammy was made by Ideal Corp, based on the character "Tammy" in the 1957 film "Tammy and the Bachelor" and has not been reproduced by any of the modern doll companies.

The doll was produced in three versions: the first with straight legs, the second released in 1964 with bendable legs, and the final version released in 1965 was an older-looking doll titled "Grown Up Tammy”. This doll was also released in an African American version.

Dolls released by Ideal that comprised "Tammy's Family" included Mom, Dad, Brothers Ted and Pete and sister Pepper.
In 1965, Tammy's popularity waned and she was discontinued in early 1966.

See the "Tammy and the Bachelor" movie trailer here

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