1995 Sweet Valentine's Day Barbie

1995 Sweet Valentine Barbie

This is Hallmark's Sweet Valentine's Day Barbie, the first in the Valentine Barbie Series.
Sweet Valentine Barbie was sold only at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores in 1995, so most collectors have never seen this special edition.

Inside the box reads :

For hundreds of years, February 14th has been celebrated as St. Valentine's Day, a time to send and receive tokens of love. Sweet Valentine is the first in a series of special edition Barbie Dolls created to honor this endearing tradition. The elegant fashions selected for this series were inspired by rare, antique illustrations from the Hallmark archives and design collections.

Sweet Valentine wears a graceful gown from the 1830's -the dawn of the golden age of valentines, when the treasured greetings were lavishly adorned with paper lace and delicatley tinted by hand. The ribbon roses on her gown reflect the importance of the rose as a symbol of love. Roses also appear on the miniature reproduction of the 19th century Valentine which is enclosed with this doll. This sentimental verse is typical of romantic Valentines of the time.

Dear girl,
Would I but once possess thee,
And know thou wert mine,
To this fond heart I then would press thee,
My own dear Valentine.

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