To Re-root or not to Re-root?

There are plenty vintage Sindy dolls in the market in very good condition but there are also some almost completely damaged. Oh there are lots of inspired little hairdressers out there who try unsuccessfully to give Sindy dolls a haircut! When you have a Sindy doll in your hands with lots of hair plugs missing, or with hair that has been cut, the only way to make this doll presentable again is to re-root.

In order to re-root your doll, you have to have lots of patience, love and determination.
The bad news as far as re-rooting is concerned is that it is a hard job, because there are hundreds of little holes on your doll's head that need to be filled again with hair.
The good news is that it is easier than it seems and the result worth the trouble.

First you have to completely remove all the hair from your dolls' scull. I mean it! You have to remove every single hair plug and have a completely bald doll. Your tools for this job, would be a good pair of scissors and your patience.

Then you have to decide the colour and the type of hair you are going to give to your doll. There are lots of on-line shops from which you can purchase doll hair and there is a wide variety of colours to choose. I purchase the hair I use from Retro Dolls
Melanie, the owner of the shop is very friendly and she knows everything about re-rooting and hair colours. Her advices and encouragement are the most valuable and she delivers your purchased goods very fast.

Apart from the hair (usually you need two packets of hair for a Sindy doll head), you will also need a good set of long needles. You can purchase them also from the shops that provide doll hair. There are several ways and techniques for re-rooting which you can watch step -by -step in many videos uploaded for this purpose on YouTube

This is my first atemt for re-root and it seems to go very well so far. I have used Mocha hair colour and I like it so much that I think it will be one of my most favourite.

Your Sindy will look like this, after the re-rooting :

This is a hard head Sindy and it is not recomended to start your re-rooting career with hard heads because it is a bit difficult to work on them. However I have managed to finish it and I am very happy with the result.

If you are hesitant in re-rooting your doll, try to remember :

- The doll is already damaged so you can not make things worse.
- It is better to try to re-root your doll than put it in a trash can or sell it.
- If other people can do re-rooting, then you can do it too!
-After finishng re-rooting you can give your doll a new hair style and it will be as good as new!


  • Hard head Sindy dolls are difficult to re-root. If you are doing this for the first time, then it is better to start with a soft head Sindy doll.
  • Keeping you hands wet during the process of re-rooting, will make things a way lot easier.
Good Luck!

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